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This sourceforge-hosted project site at has been replaced by a github-hosted site at Similarly, all development work now occurs on GitHub at The JML sourceforge bug reporting system is no longer used for OpenJML work.

This sourceforge site is still used as an auxiliary download site:


The Java Modeling Language (JML) is a language used to describe the functional behavior of Java classes and methods. The descriptions of behavior are expressed as structured Java comments or Java annotations that use Java-like logical expressions. Various tools can then read the JML information and do static checking, runtime checking, test generation, display for documentation, or other useful tasks. More information on JML can be found at the JML project site.


OpenJML is an open-source tool for performing static checks, runtime assertion checking and other tasks on JML-annotated Java code. More information about OpenJML can be found here.

Last modified 11 March 2018.